All GCP shows rehearse Monday through Friday evenings, starting no earlier than 6:00 p.m. Musicals rehearse for approximately 6 weeks; non-musicals rehearse for 5 weeks.

The first Technical Rehearsal is usually the Monday before opening, but there are occasional exceptions to this. Once shows open, schedules are as follows: At Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater, performances are Thursday through Sunday with some Wednesdays. Call times are 1 hour before curtain time.

At The 2nd Space, performances are Thursday through Sunday. Call time is 1 hour before curtain. Unless special performances are added, The 2nd Space has 4 shows a week, Roger Rocka’s has five or six.

The positions below are those we usually seek to fill. Some positions may have already been assigned.

Volunteer positions for performances at Roger Rocka’s:

  • Stage Manager: Attends all rehearsals and performances. Stage managers also run the light board.
  • Sound Technician: Attends rehearsals starting three weeks before techs begin. Works all performances.
  • Follow Spot Operator: Most musicals at Roger Rocka’s require two. Spot people attend some runthroughs during the final week of rehearsal and work from the start of tech week and at all performances.
  • Stage Crew: Depending on the show, this job could be anything from handling props backstage to set changes, etc. Attends some runthroughs during rehearsals and works from start of tech week and all performances.

Volunteer positions at GCP’s 2nd Space Theatre

  • Stage Manager: Attends all rehearsals and performances. In performance, our stage managers also run the light board and the sound for 2nd Space shows
  • Stage Crew: Depending on the show, this job could be anything from handling props backstage to set change work, assisting with quick costume changes, etc.

All shows need someone to Gather Props for use in rehearsal and performance. GCP has a substantial properties stock, but every show has special needs requiring inventiveness, borrowing or making things. The Prop Gatherer supplies rehearsal props by the second week of rehearsal, attends at least one rehearsal. and one or more technical rehearsals. They work with the stage crew regarding any props (such as food) that are replenished during the run, but their job is basically over once the show opens.

The crews of our shows are important members of each cast – they just don’t spend quite as much time in rehearsal. Crews watch a few rehearsals; this is followed by the few long nights that constitute “tech rehearsals” and then being at the theater one hour before the show for all the regularly scheduled performances. The exception to the above would be for Stage Managers, who are part of the entire rehearsal process, and sound technicians, who usually watch rehearsal and run sound for three weeks before opening.

Remember, it’s not so much previous experience as willingness to commit to the entire process that is important to us. So call if you’d like to put in a bid for any of our upcoming shows or find out what’s still available.