Upcoming Auditions for Shows at Good Company Players’ 2nd Space Theatre:


Upcoming Musical Auditions
at Good Company Players’ 2nd Space Theatre

Saturday, December 3, 2022 at 10:00am in 2nd Space Theatre
at 928 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA

(For more information, call Good Company Players’ Business Office at 559-266-0211 or email us at info@gcplayers.com)


 Rehearsals Begin TBA              Performs March 3 – April 16, 2023

Director: TBA

A two-character play. Peg and Irv are 70-something widows. They begin their adventure to new love and new life with an online dating service and from there venture out in a brave world.

The play is funny and poignant and has something for all audience members to relate to, no matter their age. It requires from the two actors on stage believability and honesty so the play doesn’t turn into a situation comedy full of set-ups and one-liners.  Rated PG


PEG  (Female, 60-79)  An Irish American widow. A devout Catholic who is naive and generally straight-laced. Yet, she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. Believability and vulnerability are requires for the character. The laughs come from an honest portrayal of a woman reaching out for a full life and full love the second time around.

IRV (Male, 60-79)   East Coast, Jewish, and a widower. A self-made man. He’s a funny man, but not a stand-up comedian. He sees the humor in most things, uses humor an an ice breaker, and for levity. He can also be vulnerable, tender and affectionate. Like Peg, he is reaching out for a new, full life, with full love the second time around.


The Bad Seed

 Rehearsals Begin TBA              Performs April 28 – June 11, 2023

Director: Karan Johnson

The Bad Seed is a well crafted script about a little girl who appears sweet and charming and everything nice on the surface, but her true nature is manipulative and dangerous, to the point of murder. The script asks the question: Is one’s human nature determined from birth or can human nature be crafted from a loving environment? The roles in this play are meaty and any actor should enjoy the challenge of the variety of levels each character has available to explore. Actors should also be cautioned against over playing the drama and emotion so the performance does not turn into a soap opera.


RHODA PENMARK (Female, 8-12, must look pre-teen) Rhoda is sweet, charming and seemingly respectful, but this is all a show for the adults. Underneath she is manipulative, psychotic and it turns out, a murderer. The young actress playing this part must be able to believably switch between the perfect, sweet child to the demon destroyer of life. It is a tour de force role for a young actress.

CHRISTINE PENMARK (Female, 25-40) Rhoda’s mother, married to Kenneth Penmark. A wife and mother during the 1950’s. Christine fulfills our image of the time, a pretty, gentle, gracious woman who is dedicated to her husband and her daughter. This dedication to time and family makes Christine slow to recognize her daughter’s odd and dangerous behaviors. A family secret leads to her devastation. This role requires believability and an actress who can work against the melodramatic tendencies of the script.

COLONIAL KENNETH PENMARK (Male, 35-45) An Officer in the military, needs to look good in a uniform. In love with his wife and completely taken with his wonderful little girl. He is away for much of the events of the story, therefore never fully grasps the horrors his little girl will bring about.

MONICA BREEDLOVE (Female, 40-65) The apartment manager where the Penmark’s reside, and she is their neighbor.  Monica is a gossip and know it all, and is fascinated with the Penmark family particularly Rhoda.  She is prone to showering  Rhoda with gifts throughout the play. She becomes Christine’s confidante and is in and out of the action throughout the play. Playing against a gossip stereotype is the key to success in this role.

EMERY WAGES (Female, 30-60) Monica’s younger brother and a noticeable contrast to Monica. Emery is quiet to the point of taciturn. He is also friends with the Penmark’s. He tries to help Leroy when Rhoda sets fire to Leroy’s shed but he is unsuccessful.

LEROY JESSUP (Male, 25-65) The groundskeeper and janitor of the apartment building the Breedlove’s and Penmark’s live in. He sees himself in a job that is beneath his intelligence; he is bitter toward the “rich folks” who live in the building.  He has a secret lust for Christine even though he is married. He is a creep. Leroy becomes Rhoda’s foil in the play but has a strange fascination and admiration for her. Rhoda and Leroy butt heads constantly which leads Rhoda to set fire to his shed, when he is in it.

MISS FERN (Female, 50-70) The head mistress of the school Rhoda attends, the most prestigious school in the state. Fern has acquired a certain status in the community and runs the school with her sisters. She has been in education for years and recognizes that Rhoda’s behavior is not normal and not acceptable at her school.  She takes enormous pride in being a professional educator. Miss Fern tells Christine that Rhoda will not be allowed to return for the next school year.

MRS DAIGLE (Female, 25-40) The distraught mother of the deceased Claude Daigle, a little boy in Rhoda’s class who drowned during the school picnic. She spends most of the show drunk. Her grief coupled with the drinking makes her a truly tragic figure. This role requires high skill in dramatic acting. The actress must bring together intoxication, tears, anger hysteria in a believable and empathetic performance.

MR DAIGLE (Male, 25-50) The put upon husband of Mrs Daigle, also distraught about his son’s death but less interested than his wife in finding answers. As a man of the time he is trained to withhold emotional outbursts and to restrain his grief. His wife’s emotional outbursts and tantrums are an embarrassment to him.

RICHARD BRAVO (Male, 50 and up) Christine’s father and a well known mystery writer. He was a stern father when Christine was in his house but is less so now. Now he is a bit weary. We find later in the play that he is Christine’s adoptive father which he has kept secret. He loves his daughter and granddaughter. He is fearful to give Christine answers.

REGINALD TASKER (Any Gender, 35-50) A friend of the Breedlove’s who writes Detective stories and has made himself a minor expert in the history of crime. He enjoys going into the details of some of the most gruesome murder and death stories that have occurred in the U.S. up to that point.

MESSENGER (Any Gender, 16-25) Brings good and bad news in and out of the home.

**Please note that GCP currently requires all performers and crew to be fully vaccinated and to mask during rehearsals and offstage. Please bring a mask and proof of vaccination to the audition.**

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