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GCP’s 2019 Season at Roger Rocka’s

Mamma Mia!

The sold-out hit is back! A wedding goes wonderfully awry on a Greek island

when the bride invites her three possible fathers to walk her down the aisle. Rated PG-13.

On Stage: 1/17/19 – 3/17/19


You can’t stop the beat in this big, bold musical about an irrepressible teenager’s big, bold heart. Rated PG-13.                                            

On Stage: 3/21/19 – 5/19/19






This rousing family favorite takes us back to the newsboy strike of 1899,

when a band of teenagers were inspired to “Seize the Day” and fight oppression. Rated PG.

On Stage: 5/23/19 – 7/14/19

Calamity Jane

Country music legend Louise Mandrell stars as Calamity, making this light-hearted, rip-roaring fairy-tale a real bulls-eye! Rated PG.

On Stage: 7/18/19 – 9/15/19

Man of La Mancha

The inspiring masterpiece, Don Quixote is brought to the stage in this powerful, hilarious,

and heartrending musical about an old man who refuses to relinquish “The Impossible Dream.”  Rated PG.

On Stage: 9/19/19 – 11/10/19


Based on the beloved holiday film, this hysterical family treat follows Buddy the Elf as he searches for his true identity. Rated PG.                   

On Stage: 11/14/19 – 1/12/20

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GCP’s 2019 Season at 2nd Space Theatre


Driving Miss Daisy

The humorous yet caustic relationship between an elderly Southern lady and her proud, soft-spoken chauffeur challenges boundaries of class and race in this Pulitzer Prize winning drama. Rated PG-13.           

On Stage: 1/4/19 – 2/24/19







A Shot in the Dark  

Described by the New York Times as “a bubbling, saucy comedy,”

this whodunit is full of surprises. Set in Paris, a crime of passion means numerous suspects and

delicious characters. C’est formidable! Rated PG-13.           

On Stage: 3/1/19 – 4/20/19

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Neil Simon’s incredibly funny, touchingly autobiographical memoir of his teen years

in a struggling Jewish household on the eve of WWII. Rated PG-13.

On Stage: 4/26/19 – 6/16/19










The Savannah Sipping Society

Drawn together by an impromptu happy hour, four Southern women share adventure, laughter,

and loss as their accidental meeting blossoms into friendship. Rated PG-13.

On Stage: 6/21/19 – 8/11/19


My Cousin Rachel

The classic murder mystery novel comes to life onstage as the widow of a man who died inexplicably bewitches his heir.

A mesmerizing plot, full of twists, turns and stunning revelations.  Rated PG.                             

On Stage: 8/16/19 – 10/13/19

She Loves Me

Holiday happiness takes the stage with a romance that inspired “You’ve Got Mail” and a score

by the composers of Fiddler On The Roof, filling the 2nd Space with a musical Christmas gift! Rated G.

On Stage: 10/25/19 – 12/22/19

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