This Random World, the Myth of Serendipity


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Saturday December 14, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

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This Random World

The Myth of Serendipity

By Steven Dietz

Rehearsals Begin:  Mar. 16, 2020                                   Performs:  April 24 – June 14

Director:  Kathleen McKinley

In this story of missed connections, This Random World, the Myth of Seredipity marks how often we travel parallel paths through the world without noticing. At times hilarious, at times heartbreaking, and always accurately reflecting the foibles and fears of humankind, This Random World  is a feast for talented actors, requiring honesty, depth, and top notch comic timing. Come throw your hat in the ring:  “We are all hostages to chance”  (NY Times).   Rated PG-13.


SCOTTIE WARD (Female, 60-80) Mother of Tim and Beth. She is older and uses a walker or a cane but is not obviously frail in any way. She is dying but wants to protect her kids from having to take care of her or feel guilty, so she isolates and separates herself, taking trips abroad with her aide.

TIM WARD (Male, 22-35) Scottie’s son.  A bit of a free spirit. Has trouble finding stability. Moves from job to job and relationship to relationship regularly. Perhaps an aspiring writer if he had the motivation. He’s funny and has a writer’s sense of the ridiculous.

BETH WARD (Female, 25-45)  Scottie’s daughter. Tries to plan and organize her life completely. Also wants to manage other people’s lives. Travels a lot, wishing her mother would do the same, not knowing that Scottie is doing just that.

BERNADETTE (Female, 25-45) Scottie’s aide and Rhonda’s sister. Capable and caring. Wants her sister to have a chance at the experience she’s been having. Was apparently their mother’s favorite.

RHONDA (Female, 22-35) Bernadette’s younger sister. A little nutty. Bitter that her sister got everything left to her and also was in charge of their mother’s funeral arrangements, further separating her from her mother and her sister, in Rhonda’s view.

CLAIRE  (Female, 22-35) Tim’s ex girlfriend from high school who’s still in love with Tim. She is devastated when she believes Tim is dead because he thought it would be a good joke to write his own obituary. She also believes she sees dead people walking.

GARY (Male, 25-35) Claire’s recent ex-boyfriend. Winds up on a trip to Nepal with Beth and they don’t like each other very much. He’s actually a nice guy.

A MAN (Male, 40+)  The Tim Ward who actually died but returns to complain about a mix-up. He’s very disgruntled that younger Tim replaced his obituary and no one knows he himself died. Walk-on role.

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