Upcoming Auditions for Shows at Good Company Players’ 2nd Space Theatre:


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Saturday, August 20, 2022 at 10A.M. in 2nd Space Theatre, 928 E. Olive, Fresno, CA

 Rehearsals Begin Sept. 26, 2022              Performs Nov. 4 – Dec. 23, 2022

Director: Dan Pessano

This delightfully heart-warming American classic is an audience favorite! When the regular pageant director breaks her leg, a sweet young mother of two is pressed into service. Unfortunately for her, the worst kids in town find out there are treats at church and that’s all the information they need to decide they want the leading roles in the annual pageant. Along the way, the terrible Herdmans learn the story of Christmas for the first time and the congregation learns a lot about their own hearts.  Rated PG


GRACE BRADLEY  (Female, 25-50)  Mother of Beth and Charlie. A great mom and kind person but not blind to the foibles of others and has a wonderful sense of humor.

BOB BRADLEY (Male, 25-50)  Grace’s husband and father of Beth and Charlie. Solid family man. Great sense of humor. Prefers staying home in his bath robe to attending the Christmas Pageant. Prefers almost anything to attending the Christmas Pageant.

BETH BRADLEY  (Female, 9-13)   Grace’s older daughter and the narrator of the show. A regular kid. Good natured and clear-sighted.

CHARLIE BRADLEY (Male, 7-12)  Typical kid brother. Tells it like he sees it.

RALPH HERDMAN (Male, 12-16)  Big, tough kid. Physically threatening without trying, a bit sullen and a bit cool.

IMOGENE HERDMAN (Female, 11-15)  Really threatening and does try to be. She’s loud, bossy, crafty and SCARY.

LEROY HERDMAN (Male, 10-14)  A smaller version of Ralph. Tough and sure of himself.

CLAUDE HERDMAN (Male, 9-13)  Also tough. Always ready for a fight.

OLLIE HERDMAN (Male, 8-12)  Always up to something. Claude’s normal accomplice.

GLADYS HERDMAN (Female, 6-11)  The smallest and the feistiest of all the Herdmans.

ALICE WENDLEKEN (Female, 9-15)  A very prim, proper, judgemental pain-in-the-neck. Also a tattle-tale.

MRS. ARMSTRONG (Female, 30-70)  A bossy church lady who has always been in charge of the Pageant and has very strong opinions on how things should be done.

REVEREND HOPKINS:  (Male, 25-50) The minister. Sweet but a little intimidated by the church ladies and the Herdmans.

ENSEMBLE:  The ensemble is made up of wonderful roles for young people and adults, including more hapless children to be bullied by the Herdmans, church ladies of various temperaments and firemen.


*PLEASE NOTE: Currently, Good Company Players requires that all casts and crews be fully vaccinated and wear masks in rehearsal and backstage. Please Bring Proof of vaccination and a mask with you to the audition.*

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