Good Company Players’ Upcoming Musical Auditions


Good Company Players’ Upcoming Musical Auditions

Saturday, December 10, 2022 at 10:00am in Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater at 1226 N Wishon Ave, Fresno, CA

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by Neil Simon

 Rehearsals Begin:  TBA        Performs: March 16, 2023 – May 7, 2023

Director: Denise Graziani

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Charley and Myra Brock, four couples gather only to discover that Charley (The Deputy Mayor of New York City) seems to have shot himself (resulting in a flesh wound), and Myra is nowhere to be found. Ken and Chris Gorham, the first couple to arrive, try to get their story straight to keep Charley’s political career intact. As the remaining three couples continue to arrive, rumors, secrets, stair running and slamming doors all pile on in this skillfully crafted farce.

A Note About Casting Considerations: The majority of the characters need to look age 35 or older as they have established high profile careers and clients that give them six-figure salaries. They are a group of longtime friends so the age range of the friends will most likely be similar.  The age range listed is wide because above age consideration is comic skill, this is a farce it requires fast paced dialogue and precise timing.


KEN GORHAM (Male, 32-50) Married to Chris. A high-powered lawyer, Charley’s lawyer and best friend. He is used to being in control and is a bit high strung.

CHRIS GORHAM (Female, 30-45) Married to Ken. Also a lawyer (a contract lawyer), and is also a bit high strung.

CLAIRE GANZ (Female, 35-70) Married to Lenny. Quick-witted and sharp-tongued. Loves to embellish on the rumors.

LENNY GANZ (Male, 35-70) Married to Claire. Charley’s accountant and tightly wound.

ERNIE CUSAK (Male, 35-70) Married to Cookie. A psychiatrist, sensitive to the hostility flying around the room.

COOKIE CUSAK (Female, 35-70)  Married to Ernie. Has her own cooking shoe. She is as her name suggests…Kooky.

GLENN COOPER (Male, 30-65) Married to Cassie. Ambitious, good-looking man, preparing to run for State Senator.

CASSIE COOPER (Female, 23-45) Married to Glenn. She’s Glenn’s trophy wife. The newest member of this group of friends, feels like everyone’s watching her, a bit immature.

OFFICER WELCH (Gender Neutral, 40-65) Typical neighborhood cop. Comes in at the end of the play, has a nice monologue. They’ve seen and heard a lot which makes them skeptical of most stories.

OFFICER PUDNEY (Gender Neutral, 23-40) The younger counterpart to Welch. Some good eye-rolling opportunities.


All Shook Up

Book by Joe DiPietro

Music and Lyrics inspired by and featuring songs of Elvis Presley

 Rehearsals Begin:  TBA        Performs: May 11, 2023 – July 9, 2023

Director: Elizabeth Fiester and Steve Souza

All Shook Up is a Jukebox musical based on the songs of Elvis Presley. It takes place in 1955, in small town USA. The story centers around Natalie Haller, a young girl with big dreams of venturing out of the small town. Enter a mysterious stranger who rides in on his motorcycle, wearing a leather jacket, and a guitar slung over his shoulder.  Just the type of stranger that can help small town USA fall in love with dancing and Rock N Roll. 

Casting note: Part of the storytelling is to create a small town that is about to cross over from a segregated community to a fully diverse community. The directors would like to fulfill that direction of the show.


CHAD (Male, 21-35) A stranger that rides into town on a motorcycle, mysterious, bad boy forbidden vibe. Turns out,  he’s a good guy, and he teaches the town to sing and dance. Sound familiar? Natalie’s love interest. He doesn’t need to sing or talk like Elvis, all the characters in the show sing Elvis songs, Chad is an Elvis type but not an Elvis impersonator. Need a strong singer and dancer.

NATALIE HALLER (Female, 19-30) A girl with big dreams of true love, she knows her way around her dad’s gas station and mechanic shop.   She is more comfortable in her mechanics overalls than she is in a dress. falls in love with the motorcycle riding, leather jacket wearing, guitar playing stranger. In order to get closer to the new handsome stranger she disguises herself as Ed a male mechanic. Need a strong singer and dancer.

JIM HALLER (Male, 45-65) Natalie’s dad, a widow and Sylvia’s love interest. A nice guy who misses his wife but is willing to take a chance on love again. Chad shows him how through song. Need a strong singer and some Dad vibe movement.

SYLVIA (Female, 40-65) African American role, Lorraine’s mother, a widow and Jim Haller’s love interest. She owns Sylvia’s Honky Tonk and is a no nonsense, hard-working woman. Need a strong singer.

LORRAINE (Female, 18-30) African American role, Sylvia’s daughter, a teenager who is sweet, smart and a dreamer! She believes love can conquer all even if it’s forbidden. Need a strong singer, needs to be able to sing harmonies and dance.

DENNIS (Male, 19-35)  An awkward young man who longs for Natalie and to be a dentist. This is a wonderfully comedic role that requires a big voice and dance ability.

MISS SANDRA (Female, 23-40) A beautiful intellectual caretaker of the town’s new museum. She is a cross between Marilyn Monroe and a librarian. She’s feeling neglected in this small town. Need a good singer.

MAYOR MATILDA HYDE (Female, 45-65) The town’s very conservative mayor who bans Rock n Roll and sends her son off to boarding school away from “the riff-raff in the town”.  Strong belt voice is needed for this role.

DEAN HYDE (Male, 16-20) The mayor’s sweet, shy son, who falls for Lorraine, despite his mother’s attempts to break them up.  This role requires a tenor voice and some dancing.

SHERIFF EARL (Male, 40-65) The mayor’s right hand man who always agrees with her. This is a non-singing role that requires an actor with wonderful comedic timing.

ENSEMBLE: This is an ensemble that plays:  prisoners, teenagers, townspeople. Breaks into trio’s. There is a lot of onstage time for the ensemble players in this musical.  We need good singers, part singers and dancers.

*We ask that auditionees for our musical productions complete all portions of the audition even though some roles are non-singing and/or non-dancing.*

**Please note that GCP currently requires all performers and crew to be fully vaccinated and to mask during rehearsals and offstage. Please bring a mask and proof of vaccination to the audition.**

Want to be in a GCP show? Read the show details, fill out this form, print it out and bring to auditions with you. If you aren’t able to print, or forget your form, there will be forms to fill out at the audition, as well.

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