Freaky Friday


Good Company Players’ Upcoming Musical Auditions

Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. in Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater at 1226 N. Wishon, Fresno, CA

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Freaky Friday

Book by Bridget Carpenter Music and lyrics by Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey

Rehearsals Begin: April 6, 2020           Performs: May 21 – July 12, 2020

Directors: Steve Souza & Shawn Williams


Mother and daughter discover what is it like to walk in each other’s shoes… literally. Set in the present day, Ellie Blake is a typical insecure high school student. Loaded with attitude and teenage hormones, Ellie wants nothing more than to participate in the once-a-year, all night school scavenger hunt. The problem is that Ellie’s tightly-wound mother, Katherine, is getting married and the scavenger hunt is on the same night as the rehearsal dinner. As mom and daughter butt heads over an old hourglass given to Ellie by her deceased father, the magic of the hourglass causes them to switch bodies. Now Katherine — in Ellie’s body — must learn to fit in at school and Ellie –in Katherine’s body — finds out just how stressful and intense her mom’s life can be. Throughout this freaky Friday, mom and daughter gather a greater understanding of each other’s lives. With a little magic and a lot of love everything works out in the end, and like a good musical comedy, it ends with a wedding! Rated PG.


ELLIE BLAKE (Female, 14-18) Smart, funny, and a bit of a tom-boy. At times a typical teenager. Easily annoyed by her little brother but ultimately she loves him. Has a huge crush on Adam. Takes on Katherine’s attributes and physicality when they trade bodies. Musical theatre pop belt.

KATHERINE BLAKE (Female, 35-50) A perfectionist. Always in control. The hardworking matriarch of the family. Runs her own catering company. Takes on Ellie’s attributes and physicality when they trade bodies. Musical theatre pop belt.

FLETCHER (Male, 8-12) Ellie’s eccentric younger brother. A 10-year-old, he loves his sister but at times cannot resist the urge to berate her. He has aspirations of taking his one-man, two-puppet act to Hollywood. Should be honest and have excellent comic timing.

MIKE (Male, 35-50) Katherine’s fiancé. Part of the family, despite Ellie’s apparent resistance. Kind, gentle, honest, and likeable. Should have good comic timing and be able to sing.

ADAM (Male, 15-18) Popular and well loved. Charming and funny. Sometimes a bit of an air-head. Sings very well.

GRETCHEN (Female, 14-18) One of Ellie’s best friends. Intense and emotional.

HANNAH (Female, 14-18) Ellie’s other best friend. Hacker-geek nerdgirl.

SAVANNAH (Female, 15-18) Popular and brutal. She dominates the social hierarchy by inspiring fear in everyone.

TORREY (Female, 20+) Katherine’s assistant. Tightly wound. Takes on all of Katherine’s stress and more.

MEYERS (Female, 25-50) The no-nonsense gym teacher. Musical theatre pop belt.

GRANDPA GORDON (Male 50+) Katherine’s father. A loving father, and a bit unaware at times.

GRANDMA HELENE (Female 50+) The mother of the bride. She knows best.

ALEXANDRA DANIELS (Female, 25+) A reporter for Weddings Magazine.

LOUIE SNAPS (Male/Female, 20+) A photographer for Weddings Magazine.

PASTOR BRUNO (Male, 25+) The officiant at Katherine and Mike’s wedding.

STUDENTS: PARKER, WELLS (Males, 14-18), LAUREL (Female, 14-18)


ENSEMBLE (13+) The adult ensemble will likely play WAITERS, STUDENTS, TEACHERS, POLICE OFFICERS, WEDDING GUESTS, ETC., some of them with solos. The teen ensemble will play students.

** We ask that auditionees for our musical productions complete all portions of the audition even though some roles are non-singing and/or non-dancing. **

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