Enchanted April


Good Company Players’ Upcoming Auditions

Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. in 2nd Space Theatre at 928 E. Olive ave., Fresno, CA

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Enchanted April

Rehearsals:  Jan. 24, 2022 – Feb. 25, 2022                Performs: March 4, 2022 – April 24, 2022

Director: Denise Graziani

 ***Please note: All performers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to audition and participate in shows. Kids aged 7-12 may audition if they have received one shot and if they commit to being fully vaccinated before rehearsals begin. Please bring a face covering and proof of vaccination to the audition.***

In the aftermath of WWI, four women rent a holiday villa in Italy to escape their bleak lives. With very little in common but sadness and loss, they gradually open up their souls to the warmth of Italy – and to each other. As each regains the hope they had lost, they reach again for the very things they had been running away from. Enchanted April offers actors fascinating characters with a great deal of emotional depth, and a chance to touch the hearts of the audience nightly with laughter and compassion. Come toss your hat in the ring! “The kind of play that reminds you of why you love theatre.” (The Hartford News) Rated PG.


Available Role:

COSTANZA (Female, 45+) An Italian housekeeper. Speaks a lot of Italian in the play, so brush up! She is feisty, loyal, warm, nurturing, and is not really able to hide her feelings.

We will be auditioning understudies for the following roles:

LOTTY WILTON (Female, 30-50) A Hamstead housewife. Lotty is by nature inherently sunny and irrepressibly hopeful, but her valor is waning and a sadness has set in. Her warmth, joie de vivre, loquaciousness, energy, and humor are at low ebb when we first meet her. Her free spirit that is slowly being stifled. We soon find that although she seems malleable, Lotty is actually an irresistible force.

MELLERSCH WILTON (Male, 30-50) Lotty’s husband, a solicitor. Stern, overbearing, disapproving, controlling, and rigid. Mellersch clings to a his fixation on “success.” He is all about appearances, connections, position, and money.

ROSE ARNOTT (Female, 30-50) Reserved, prudish, religious, and repressed, Rose seems to be shutting down all paths to life and love. She has lost a child and is not willing to risk loving anyone again.

FREDERICK ARNOTT (Male, 30-50) Rose’s husband. A writer. Witty, lively, warm, and self-deprecating, he keeps trying to connect with Rose but is giving up hope as she repeatedly pushes him away.

LADY CAROLINE BRAMBLE (Female, 25-40) A young, beautiful but world-weary socialite. Caroline is quite sophisticated but self-medicates with cigarettes and alcohol to mask the pain of losing her young husband in the war. This character speaks some Italian in the play and should sound fluent.

ANTONY WILDING (Male, 25-40) Owner of the villa the ladies are renting. Charming, handsome, careless of convention. Friendly, warm, kind, and funny. Confident and straightforward, he is also a painter. Ladies find him appealing and he returns the favor. Seems to speak Italian fluently.

MRS . GRAVES (Female, 55+) A wealthy and overbearing London matron, Mrs. Graves is used to ordering people around. She is selfish and insensitive to anyone else’s needs. She walks with a cane and is very blunt, judgmental, snobbish, and unpleasant. But she is very fond of wisteria…

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