Calamity Jane


Good Company Players’ Upcoming Musical Auditions

Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 10:00 A.M. in Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater at 1226 N. Wishon, Fresno, CA

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Calamity Jane

From a screenplay by Charles K. Freeman, Adapted for the stage by James O’Hanlon, Music: Sammy Fain, Lyrics: Paul Francis Webster

Rehearsals Begin: June 3, 2019  Performs: July 18 – September 15, 2019

Director: Laurie Pessano


Country music legend Louise Mandrell will reprise the title role for GCP, but all other roles are available. Set in Deadwood City, Dakota Territory in 1876, this lighthearted musical is based on an historical era, town, and two actual Old West celebrities, Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok. Beyond that, the show digresses into a happy-ever-after fairytale pretty immediately. In the midst of the gold rush, Deadwood is filled with quirky and likable characters. Calamity and Bill start off as long-time friends, with Bill teasing Calamity about her ‘secret love’ for the handsome Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin, and Calamity spinning tall tales of her adventures as a stagecoach driver for the gang at the Golden Garter Saloon. When the saloon owner promotes the arrival of a beautiful big-city actress, Frances Fryer, who turns out to be a man, the town turns on him. To help her friend, Calamity promises to go to Chicago and bring back the famous Adelaid Adams. Instead she mistakenly brings back Adelaid’s maid, Katie, who fortunately turns out to be as talented and beautiful as Adelaid Adams. After some initial outrage the whole town falls in love with Katie, including Bill and Lt. Gilmartin, and the fireworks begin.    Rated PG.



CALAMITY JANE (Female, 25+) A tomboy through and through. Dresses and speaks like a man. Shoots rides, and fights better than a man. Transforms into a lovely woman when she combs her hair and dons a dress. Requires an excellent comedienne with a solid, high belt who plays multiple instruments. Alto. (The role of Calamity Jane is not available, but we will be casting an understudy at auditions.)

BILL HICKOK (Male, 25+) Strong, rugged, and comfortable in his skin. A natural leader with a mischievous sense of humor. Once a greatly feared peace officer, he is now a professional gambler. Should sing very well. Baritone.

DANNY GILMARTIN (Male, 25+) Handsome second lieutenant attached to the nearby fort. Courteous, straight-laced, honorable and a good guy. Should sing well. Bari-tenor.

KATIE BROWN (Female, 18-40) Very lovely, sweet, kind, and well-bred — but feisty, too. Smart and longing for adventure, she grabs the chance to chase her dreams. Must sing and dance very well. Alto.

HENRY MILLER (Male, 40+) Also known as ‘Millie’. Owner of The Golden Garter Saloon and Susan’s uncle. A worried fuss-budget who’s just one jump ahead of a nervous breakdown. Needs excellent comic chops. Sings a little.

SUSAN (Female, 18+ ) Miller’s niece. Down-to-earth, wholesome and fresh-faced, but an old soul. She has a great sense of humor and is compassionate and kind to her uncle and everyone else. Should dance and sing well. Alto.

FRANCIS FRYER (Male, 18+) Eastern song-and-dance man hired by Miller sight-unseen on the assumption that “Francis” is a “Frances”. Winds up impersonating a woman. Needs excellent comic, vocal and dance skills. Baritone.

ADELAID ADAMS (Female, 25+) Beautiful but affected and self-centered star of the Chicago stage. Sings and dances. Alto.

RATTLESNAKE (Male, 30+) Calamity’s side-kick. Old, bewhiskered stagecoach driver. Comic ability a must. Sings a little.

“DOC” PIERCE (Male, 30+) Deadwood’s ‘improvised’ doctor – and undertaker. Poker-playing pal of Hickok’s.

JOE (Male, 20+) Bartender at the “Golden Garter.” Funny, sympathetic. Sings and possibly plays piano.

ENSEMBLE Will play the featured roles of HUGH KINGSLEY, PROSPECTOR, BUCK, as well as soldiers, Theatre Manager, Showgirls, Deadwood townspeople, Chicago townspeople, Stage Door Johnnys, etc.

** We ask that auditionees for our musical productions complete all portions of the audition even though some roles are non-singing and/or non-dancing. **

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