Sense and Sensibility


Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in 2nd Space Theatre, 928 E. Olive, Fresno, CA.

Sense and Sensibility

By Kate Hamill based on the novel by Jane Austen


Rehearsals Begin November 27, 2017                                      Performs January 4, 2018 – February 25, 2018

Director: Kathleen McKinley

Two sisters cope with poverty, passion, and prattle in this critically acclaimed adaptation of Jane Austin’s witty and romantic tale of human foibles. This classic and beautiful story follows the intelligent, courageous Dashwood sisters as they contend with love, betrayal, family dynamics and country gossip. There are many fabulous acting roles for women and men and what a joy to bring Jane Austen’s wonderful language to life. Rated PG.


ELINOR DASHWOOD (Female, 20-25) The eldest Dashwood sister; sensible, strong, intelligent, kind, witty, reserved.

MARIANNE DASHWOOD (Female, 17-21) The middle Dashwood sister; passionate, impulsive, lovely and loving. Does nothing by halves.

MARGARET DASHWOOD (Female, 9-13) The youngest Dashwood sister. Lively, sweet, sassy.

MRS. DASHWOOD (Female, 40ish) The Dashwood girls’ mother. Wise, loving, humorous, proud, well-bred but feisty.

JOHN DASHWOOD (Male, 25-35) Half brother to the Dashwood sisters (from their father’s side; no

blood relation to Mrs. Dashwood). Easily led by his malicious wife.

FANNY DASHWOOD (Female, 25-35) John Dashwood’s wife, Edward’s sister. A nasty, greedy snob.

EDWARD FERRARS (Male, 18-30) Fanny’s bachelor brother. Rich, awkward, shy, sweet, and kind.

COLONEL BRANDON (Male, 35+) An older bachelor. Serious, courteous, dignified, intense.

JOHN WILLOUGHBY (Male, 18-30) ­ An unusually handsome young man. Athletic, charming.

SIR JOHN MIDDLETON (Male, 40ish) A boisterous country gentleman related to Mrs. Dashwood.

LADY MIDDLETON (Female, 40ish) Sir John’s excessively well-bred wife.

MRS. JENNINGS (Female, 50+) Sir John’s good-natured, raucous mother-in-law. A terror to the countryside. Very fond of match-making and into everybody’s business, but means well and is kind.

LUCY STEELE (Female, 17-23) A young girl from no fortune. Seems sweet and well-mannered. Is not.

ANNE STEELE (Female, 17-20) Lucy’s sister; indiscreet with bad manners.

ROBERT FERRARS (Male, 17-25) A total twit. Edward Ferrars’ younger brother (Possibly played by the same actor who plays Edward).

MRS. FERRARS (Female, old) Edward and Fanny’s mother. Extremely unpleasant.

Other characters to be doubled within the cast: gossips 1-5, servants, doctor

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