Good Company Players’ Upcoming Musical Auditions

Saturday, Sept 2, 2017 at 10:00 A.M. in Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater at 1226 N. Wishon, Fresno, CA

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 Music by Charles Strouse Lyrics by Martin Charnin     Book by Thomas Meehan

Rehearsals Begin: November 27, 2017      Performs: January 18-March 18, 2018

Director: Dan Pessano

With equal measures of pluck and positivity, little orphan Annie charms everyone’s hearts, despite a next-to-nothing start in 1930s New York City. She is determined to find the parents who abandoned her years ago on the doorstep of a New York City orphanage that is run by the cruel, embittered Miss Hannigan. With the help of the other girls in the orphanage, Annie escapes to the wondrous world of NYC. In adventure after fun-filled adventure, Annie foils Miss Hannigan’s evil machinations… and even befriends President Franklin Delano Roosevelt! She finds a new home and family with billionaire, Oliver Warbucks, his personal secretary, Grace Farrell, and a lovable mutt named Sandy. Annie is the perfect family-friendly musical.   Rated PG.



ANNIE (Female, 9-13) A spunky, kind, friendly, honest, street-wise orphan. Should move well, and not have a fear of dogs. Big belt vocal, A3-G5.

SANDY (Male or female). Sandy-colored. Gentle and loves children. Well-behaved. Good vocal and dance skills a plus.

OLIVER WARBUCKS (Male, 30+) Very wealthy businessman who knows nothing about little girls. Gruff exterior with a warm heart. Should sing well. Tenor, B3-Gb5.

GRACE FARRELL (Female, 20+) Kind and good-humored, but has a hint of steel when necessary. Mr. Warbucks’ efficient, faithful secretary. Tasteful, with beautiful manners, great dignity and poise. Should sing well. Soprano, Bb3-G5.

MISS HANNIGAN (Female, 30+) The orphanage matron. Hates children, but is fond of liquor and money. Mean and nasty. Should have great comic timing. Belter, A3-F5.

ROOSTER (Male, 25+) Miss Hannigan’s sleazy brother. A slick, heartless con-man. Should sing and dance well. B3-G5.

LILY ST. REGIS (Female, 20+) Rooster’s girlfriend. An empty-headed bimbo type who is also an accomplished grifter. Should sing and dance well. High belt, B3-G5.

ORPHANS (all girls) Should sing and dance well.  Molly (5-8) The littlest orphan and very vulnerable. Annie protects her. Kate (6-9) Cute and feisty. Mischievous. Tessie (8-11) An anxious little person who doesn’t like fighting. Pepper (9-12) Tough and bad-tempered. Tries to boss and bully the others. July (11-13) As tough as Pepper but fights on the side of justice. Duffy (11-13) Also tough and a bit bratty.

BERT HEALY  (Male, 25+) The ultimate radio personality of the thirties. Confident and funny crooner, E4-G5.

ENSEMBLE (Males and Females of all ages) Play lots of roles, including Bundles, the Boylan Sisters, Star-to-Be, President Roosevelt, Roosevelt’s Cabinet Members, the Hooverville Citizens, Mrs. Pugh, Drake, Mrs. Greer, New Yorkers of all types, Policemen, Dog Catchers, Foleys, Servants, Judge Louis Brandeis, the Secret Service, etc.


* We ask that auditionees for our musical productions complete all portions of the audition even though some roles are non-singing and/or non-dancing.

For more information on auditions review our General Audition Information Page.

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