Good Company Players produces the regular theatre seasons at both Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater and 2nd Space Theatre.  Scripts for the mainstage shows will be available at Good Company Players’ Business Office at 1105 N. Wishon about 6 weeks prior to auditions.  We offer 3-day script checkouts until the week of the audition.  After that, scripts may be read in the business office.  Additional audition information can be found below or by calling Good Company Players’ Business Office at 559-266-0211.


Upcoming Auditions for GCP Shows at Roger Rocka’s:

Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 10A.M. in Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater, 1226 N. Wishon, Fresno, CA


West Side Story

Book by Arthur Laurents, Music by Leonard Bernstein, Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

 Rehearsals Begin June 2, 2014                                 Performs July 17 – Sept. 14, 2014

Director: Julie Lucido

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, set in the 1950′s and very relevant to today’s world, the story is set on the Upper West Side of New York City. The plot centers around two rival gangs, the Sharks and the Jets, struggling for control of their neighborhood. Fights are common and increasingly violent. When a member of the mostly Caucasian Jets falls in love with the sister of the leader of the Puerto Rican Sharks, the conflict becomes deadly. With one of the most beautiful scores in the history of the American musical, and a timeless conflict and romance, West Side Story is a theatre lover’s dream.    RATED PG


TONY (Male, 18-30)   Best friends with Riff, but wanting a better life, Tony has left the gang and has a job at a drugstore. He reluctantly agrees to back the Jets at one last rumble out of loyalty for his friends. Tenor. Must sing exceedingly well.

MARIA (Female, 15-30)  The younger sister of Bernardo, Maria is beautiful, charming, loving, innocent and protected to the point of suffocation by her family. Soprano. Must sing extremely well.

RIFF (Male, 16-30)  The leader of the Jets and Tony’s best friend. Riff is funny, loyal, and full of life but rebellious and angry, too.

ANITA (Female, 18-30)  Bernardo’s girlfriend and Maria’s friend. Fiery, funny, sexy and tough, she also has a soft and fun-loving side.  Strong Alto. Should dance very well.

BERNARDO   (Male, 16-30)  Leader of the Sharks and Maria’s older brother. Anita’s boyfriend. Very protective of Maria and understandably embittered by the racism and injustice he experiences in the U.S.

CHINO  (Male, 15-30)   A Shark. Maria’s hot-tempered suitor.

DOC   (Male, 35-80)  Owner of the drugstore where Tony works. His store is considered neutral territory by the gangs. He is kind and compassionate towards everybody.

DIESEL   (Male, 15 – 30)  Second-in-command of the Jets. Physically powerful. Should sing and dance.

ACTION  (Male, 15-30)   The most quick-tempered of the Jets. Always ready for a fight. Should sing and dance.

A-RAB  (Male, 15-30)   Jet. Not as crazy as Action, but quick to join the fray. Baby John’s best friend. Should sing and dance.

BABY JOHN  (Male, 13-20)   Youngest member of the Jets. He is beaten up at the beginning of the show. Best friends with A-Rab. Should sing and dance.

ANYBODYS   (Female, 12-20)  Tag-along tomboy who wants to be a member of the Jets.

SNOWBOY   (Male, 15-30)  Member of the Jets. Should sing and dance.

OFFICER KRUPKE  (Male, 25-60)  Aggressive, somewhat brutish cop who is not very smart and fairly incompetent.

DETECTIVE SCHRANK  (Male, 25-60)  Racist police lieutenant.

GLAD HAND  (Male, 30-60)   Inept chaperone at the dance.

GRAZIELLA   (Female 15-30)   Riff’s girlfriend. Should sing and dance.

VELMA  (15-30)  Ice’s girlfriend. Should sing and dance.

PEPE  (15-30)   Second-in-command of the Sharks.

INDIO  (15-30)  A Shark. Should sing and dance.

LUIS  (15-30)  A Shark. Should sing and dance.

ANXIOUS  (15-30)  A Shark. Should sing and dance.

TORO  (15-30)  A Shark. Should sing and dance.

ROSALIA  (15-30)   Indio’s girlfriend. Argues with Anita in “America”. Should sing and dance.

CONSEULA  (15-30)  Pepe’s girlfriend. Should sing and dance.

ENSEMBLE   This will mostly include dancer/singers in their teens and twenties to play various gang members and their girlfriends but might also include some adults to play teachers, parents, etc. Those playing gang members should be in good physical condition. These roles are very demanding.

** Although some roles are designated as speaking roles, we ask that all auditionees for musical productions participate in all portions of the audition.



The Addams Family

Book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice,  Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa

Rehearsals Begin August 4, 2014                                                      Performs Sept. 18 – Nov. 9, 2014

Director: Dan Pessano

Based on the cartoon that inspired the popular television series, The Addams Family has just been added to the Good Company Players’ 2014 Season at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater! This frightfully fun musical comedy about the original creepy, kooky, spooky Addams Family is hilarious and tuneful, requiring actors with good pipes and excellent comic abilities.       RATED PG

GOMEZ  ADDAMS  (Male, 40-60)  Wealthy and dashing ladies’ man, although he only has eyes for his wife, Morticia. Loves his family and is in quite a quandary when he has to keep secrets from his wife to prove his love for his daughter. Spanish accent. Smart, comedic actor. Should be able to dance. Tenor

MORTICIA ADDAMS  (Female, 35-60)   Gomez’s beautiful and sexy wife. She adores Gomez and her children but is a force to be reckoned with when crossed. Black is her favorite color.  Dry sense of humor. Strong dancer. Alto/mezzo soprano.

WEDNESDAY ADDAMS  (Female,  16-25)  A little psychotic. In love with Lucas, a ‘normal’ young man, who can actually make her smile. Carries a crossbow and is a dead shot. Enjoys torturing her little brother. Strong pop belt.

LUCAS BIENEKE  (Male, 18-30)   Attractive and earnest. In love with Wednesday and wants to marry her. Desperately wants his family to make a good impression on the Addams family. Contemporary pop tenor.

PUGSLEY ADDAMS  (Male, 8-14)  Charming and funny. Treasures the times his sister makes him scream. Doesn’t want to lose his sister and plots to derail her impending engagement. Strong, high vocals. Voice not yet changed.

UNCLE FESTER  (Male, 30+)  Gomez’s unmarried younger brother. The musical narrator of the show. Possesses a childlike joy. Strong comic chops. Tenor.

GRANDMA ADDAMS  (Female, 45+)  Feisty 102-year-old. Fun and quirky but scary when crossed. Alto belt.

LURCH  (Male, 18-50)  Very tall and sinister. The Addams’ butler. Moves very slowly and speaks in moans and groans. Bass.

MAL BEINEKE  (Male, 40-60)  Lucas’ stuffy father. Always irritated with his wife. Long ago lost touch with his inner Grateful Dead fan. High Baritone/Tenor.

ALICE BEINEKE  (Female, 35-60)  Lucas’ sweet, quirky mom who has set aside her own desires for her family. Often speaks in rhyme. Good comedic actress. Soprano with a strong belt.

ENSEMBLE (All ages)  Mostly portraying the Addams Family ancestors, the ensemble members of this show have lots of vocal and dance fun in store!



Upcoming Auditions for Good Company Players’ Junior Company:

Saturday, May 31st, 2014 at 9am in Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater, 1226 N. Wishon Ave., Fresno, CA

This company performs for the pre shows of West Side Story and The Addams FamilyRehearsals begin June 7th, 2014. Perform through November 9, 2014.

The Junior Company is Good Company Players’ respected troupe of young performers, aged 8-16, who present a 15-minute ‘Pre-Show’ before most main-stage performances at Roger Rocka’s Dinner Theater. The Junior Company usually rehearses on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and performs Thursdays through Sundays. There are some variations in rehearsal times — on opening week, for example, the Junior Company rehearses Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


General Audition Information


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